Who We Serve

Church-Based Mental Health Services provides compassionate mental health assessments to adolescents and adults from all walks of life, regardless of religious affiliation. We believe that lack of insurance, insufficient insurance or acute financial stress should not be barriers to timely, professional mental health support.

Brief History

Church-Based Mental Health Services was started by Dr. Carol Turner, who saw a gap in services for low-income clients, and wanted to find a way to fill it while giving back during her retirement. In 2015, Carol and intern, Bonnie Gordic, conducted a community needs assessment and built the CBMHS program to address the needs identified by pastors and their communities, while seeing clients on a sliding scale at the Reformed Church of Highland Park.


In January 2016, CBMHS hired licensed counselor, April Humes, and began seeing clients at five additional church sites: Middlebush Reformed Church, The Church in Brielle, The Community Church of Keyport, South River Reformed Church, and Colts Neck Reformed Church. In 2017, CMBHS expanded to Ocean Community Church, and hired a second counselor, Lorrie McGough.

Our Why

Churches can play an important role in fighting the stigma associated with seeking treatment for mental health concerns. CBMHS allows those who would delay or go without important treatment due to lack of funds or misinformation about available resources to receive professional, compassionate care and education in a setting where they feel comfortable asking for help.


Carol J. Turner

Doctor of Education & Psychologist

Dr. Carol Turner is an Elder of the Reformed Church of Highland Park and a member of the Board of Trustees of Churches Improving Communities. Recently retired from a full-time private practice, Dr. Turner was a founding member of Church-Based Mental Health Services at RCHP with the Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale and Dr. Bonnie Gordic. Dr. Turner continues to volunteer as Consulting Psychologist to the program.


April Humes

Clinical Director

April Humes is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey whose clinical interests include managing anxiety and depression, coping with trauma and loss, and building healthy relationships. Her decision to pursue a career in mental health was fueled by her fascination with the mind-body connection, and a desire to unite her faith and vocation.


Lorrie McGough

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lorrie McGough is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her experience includes working with individuals and families with situational mental health issues, co-occurring issues, and substance abuse addictions. Lorrie is compassionate and committed, and believes in the power of hope and rebuilding lives through therapy.

Church-Based Mental Health Services is a program of Churches Improving Communities (CIC), a non-profit community development corporation that supports service and advocacy programs through churches in central New Jersey, such as emergency food assistance, community mental health services, ESL classes, disaster relief, and programs to assist seniors and youth. All CIC projects are non-discriminatory and are open to the public. Learn more at ImprovingNJ.org.